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UMK Science Pre-Degree Program was created to enable science graduates from STPM and Matriculation who do not meet the requirements for admission to any public university to go through intensive learning for one (1) semester at UMK Campus Jeli.

This program will provide science graduates from STPM and Matriculation with intensive knowledge in four science courses, namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, for the admission of science-based degree programs at UMK.

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UMK Pre-Degree Science is a program of study at the certificate level.


Graduates of the UMK Science Pre-Degree Program are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science Program at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, bypassing the general and specific admission requirements for the program offered.

The following is a list of 7 Bachelor of Science programs at UMK that UMK Pre-Degree Science graduates can apply:

  1. Bachelor of Applied Science (Product Development Technology) with Honours
  2. Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resources Science) with Honours
  3. Bachelor of Applied Science (Sustainability Science) with Honours
  4. Bachelor of Applied Science (Geoscience) with Honours
  5. Bachelor of Applied Science (Materials Technology) with Honours
  6. Bachelor of Applied Science (Forest Resource Technology) with Honours
  7. Bachelor of Applied Science (Bioindustrial Technology) with Honours
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