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UMK Science Foundation Program (Program Asasi Sains UMK) with its original name UMK Science Entrepreneurship Preparation Program was a UMK-MARA joint venture academic program. This program was initially conducted at MARA Kulim College from 2011 to 2019. This program has had 9 cohorts of students with a total of 565 alumni. Starting in 2021, the Science Foundation Program will be offered at UMK, Jeli Campus. The success stories of this academic program is the driving force for its new chapter at UMK Jeli Campus where more knowledgeable and high entrepreneurial skills science students will be born. For more info on UMK Science Foundation (CLICK HERE).

DOWNLOAD: Academic Rule Book for UMK Science Foundation Program (Session 2022/2023)
DOWNLOAD: Academic Calendar for UMK Science Foundation Program (Session 2022/2023)

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Career Opportunities

UMK Science Foundation Program is a certificate level of study.

Graduates of the UMK Science Foundation Program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate programs at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Applicants are subjected to the general and specific entry requirements of the graduate level program.

The following is a list of 12 graduate level programs that can be applied for by UMK Science Foundation graduates:

  1. Bachelor of Applied Science (Geoscience) with Honors
  2. Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resource Science) with Honors
  3. Bachelor of Applied Science (Sustainability Science) with Honors
  4. Bachelor of Applied Science (Agrotechnology) with Honors
  5. Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Husbandry Science) with Honors
  6. Bachelor of Applied Science (Product Development Technology) with Honors
  7. Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Security) with Honors
  8. Bachelor of Applied Science (Bio industrial Technology) with Honors
  9. Bachelor of Applied Science (Materials Technology) with Honors
  10. Bachelor of Applied Science (Forest Resource Technology) with Honors
  11. Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Honors
  12. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Study Fees
Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements
1 years


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