Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Bachelor of Applied Science (Geoscience) With Honours

The Geoscience Programme in UMK is an entrepreneurship-based programme which never offered by any Public Universities in Malaysia. The programme will provide students with an understanding of core geoscience concepts such as mineralogy, geochemistry, geophysics, sedimentology and stratigraphy. It will also emphasize aspects of industrial needs, natural resources and entrepreneurship. Upon registered with this programme, the students will be involved with a lot of fieldworks, and outdoor activities to give a broad multidisciplinary understanding on the earth challenge today, along with practical field skills including mapping, remote sensing and GIS. The graduates are expected to specialize in the management of geological resources to ensure the continuity of the resources for future generations benefit.

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Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, all undergraduates in this field will be highly demanded as professionals in both governments (i.e.: geologist, science officers, researchers, lecturers, mining officers, consultant) and private sectors (i.e.: Petroleum Geologist, Geophysicist, Mineralogist, Hydrogeologist) and also Agencies and Statutory Bodies.

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Entry Requirements
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4 years