Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Sustainability Science) With Honours

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)'s Sustainable Science programme has been offered since 2012 by the Faculty of Earth Science. This Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Sustainability Science) with Honours programme will provide you with a broad and practical insight in preserving and protecting our environment for the well-being of future generations, combating climate change, advocating for laws and procedures to improve sustainability. The curriculum strikes a balance between theory and practical, focusing on a wide range of transferable skills which integrate the component of the environment, social, economic and governance. The innovative and collaborative learning experience employed at campus and faculty will aid in enhancing your core competencies in environmental science and management.

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Career Opportunities

1.Career Path 1: Environmental Consult

2.Career Path 2: Safety, Health, and Environment Executive/Officer

3.Career Path 3: Environmental Laboratory Executive/Officer

4.Career Path 4: Environmental Officer/ Executive

5.Career Path 5: Sustainability Officer/ Executive

6.Career Path 6: Hygiene Officer/ Executive

7.Career Path 7: Environmental Risk Liability

Study Fees
Study Fees Local Students
Study Fees International Students
Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements
Local Students
International Students
4 years