Natural Resources Science


Programme Name : Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resources Science) with Honors

Learning Meathod : Full time

Total Kredit : 122


Natural resources could create wealth but must be exploit sustainably. Therefore, the programme that we intend to introduce will give special attention to the use of science and technology towards maintaining a balance environment that will contribute to the development and formation of a technology-wise society. In line with the university's mission, vision and goals towards making UMK a centre of excellence in both academic and research in the area of Environmental Management, Natural resources and Entrepreneurship, this program will produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled to manage our natural resources effectively while maintaining the environment. The environment being an important component of life, while maintaining stability, natural resources potential will be optimized while maintaining possible economic growth. 


A leader in exploiting natural resources sustainably for the generation of economic activity while ensuring that out heritage is preserved.  


•To provide knowledge in science of natural resources that leads to entrepreneurship in order to optimize the use of materials technologies to generate revenue for the country
•To conduct research and commercialize research products for the sustainability of mankind and rising the country's economy
•To educate graduates to appreciate, protect and treasure environment and natural resources of  which are valuable raw materials for economic development







JUL DIS 2017 BM Opie V2 recovered Edition July - December 2017

Jan June 2017 v4 BM Aug2017 2 Edition January - June 2017



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