Geoscience includes geology, geophysics, geochemistry that examines the structure, evolution and dynamics of the planet earth and its mineral and energy resources. This programme aims to produce student who able toapply knowledge and skills with efficient and effective way in managing the earth resources. Students are offered basic university subjects in the first year and followed by basic knowledge on geology, geophysics, geochemistry in second year. While in third year, students are offered subjects like petrology, sedimentology, petroleum geology, structure and geotechnic geology and industrial training for a minimum four (4) months and maximum of six (6) months. During the final year, student can choose one of the seven (7) elective package programmes such as petroleum, engineering, mineral and mining resources, hydrogeology, geoheritage, quaternary geology and environmental geosciences. In addition, students have to complete the final year project during the final year of the study.
Leader in exploiting mineral and energy resources for the generation of economic activity while ensuring that our heritage is preserved
•To provide knowledge in geosciences that leads to entrepreneurship in order to optimize the use of mineral and energy resources to generate revenue for the country.
•To conduct research and commercialization of research products for the sustainability of mankind and rising the country’s economy
•To educate graduates to appreciate, protect and treasure environment and earth resources of which are valuable raw materials for economic development


JUL DIS 2017 BM Opie V2 recovered Edition July - December 2017

Jan June 2017 v4 BM Aug2017 2 Edition January - June 2017



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